About Us

PG Organix has been making CBD products for over 10 years, long before the recent hype. Back then we were only allowed to sell if through our dispensary, Holistic Harvest. And back then, we didn’t even have a brand name for it, we just bottled it up and put an RX label on it. It wasn’t until the 2018 Farm Bill that passed helping legalize hemp CBD. The legal amount of THC isn’t very high but it’s just enough to activate the cannabinoids. After this bill passed we decided to name our CBD products PG Organix. The PG stands for PassinGrass, which has evolved into a social media platform. We are now in a few shops, a crossfit gym, a massage studio, and farmers markets in the Bay Area. We plan to expand much further into as many places as we can. We are a small business building from the ground up, no investors, just us.

Over the years we’ve had so many people telling us that the CBD they’ve bought at the store or online just doesn’t work. We hate to see your money go to waste, that is why we make sure it is made properly, with the right flower. Our CBD oil and topical is always made in small batches with low heat and simmered for hours. This gives the flower a chance to fully extract giving you  maximum benefits. The entourage effect is the most important thing you need to know about CBD. Without one of the cannabinoids present, the rest aren’t nearly as powerful.

Thank you for choosing PG Organix.