CBD Distillate

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CBD distillate is a potent concentrate distilled from CBD hemp flower. Distillation is the process of purifying a liquid by evaporation and condensation. During the distillation process, CBD, as well as some cannabinoids, are extracted and isolated from the other components of the plant.  CBD distillate is usually a translucent amber color accompanied by an oil-like texture. Typically, it is most commonly used as a vaporized weedpen but due to the consistency it can also be used to make edibles or be dabbed. Pure distillate does not have much of a taste or smell to it.

Using distillates has various advantages for users such as the overall convenience of vaping and how it tends to be accompanied by very little odor, regardless of how users consume it.  Some users appreciate the versatility of distillates since it can be consumed in various ways including vaping, dabbing, smoking or as an edible. Yes, distillate can be edible and used for making CBD-infused recipes. Eating distillate is not as efficient as it would be if  inhaled but the effects last longer. CBD distillate is also very discreet, a clean way to consume CBD, can be formulated with terpenes and available in full spectrum. Most CBD distillate contains well below the 0.3% THC limit. CBD distillate will not get you high but it will  still provide users with a very relaxing and euphoric experience; depending upon the potency level and terpene content.

Did you know that distillation is not a new concept? It has actually been around for centuries and used for making distilled spirits and liquors. Some people like to think of CBD distillates as the “hard liquor” of the hemp world.  CBD distillates are know as the most powerful version of CBD on the market. Generally, they range from 85-99% CBD. Vaping is one of the best ways to administer CBD distillate because of “the higher bioavailability of direct inhalation versus other methods of cannabis consumption. Distillates are not just extremely potent, but your body is able to absorb more of it when vaporized. Some people prefer not to vape any PG/PG or artificial flavorings. CBD distillates are the best choice for them because they contain little to no additives. They’re about as pure as it get” (Vaping 360).

As always, remember to do make sure you are purchasing CBD distillate products from a reputable source. If you have any questions regarding other medications, consult with a medical professional.

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