CBD Vending Machines


Image Source: www.kioskmarketplace.com

Its almost 2022 and vending machines are no longer just for chips, candy and soda. CBD is now available in vending machine form for a quick 90-day trial in Ohio. HempBox is a wholly owned subsidary of Green Globe International Inc. (GGII), and is partnering with High Street CBD. They will be running a pilot program placing CBD product vending machines at select Tanger outlets. This pilot program will also be educational and give consumers the opportunity to learn about the benefits of CBD products. “HempBox offers a kiosk solution for smart technology in vending to provide nutraceuticals, CBD, hemp, herb and spice “smokables” to consumers” (Vending Market Watch).  High Street currently owns and operates two CBD stores in Columbus, OH that offers natural solutions and holistic education.

The pilot program will start by High Street and HempBox placing two CBD vending machines in select Tanger outlets for a 90 days. After the pilot program, both companies are hoping to place CBD vending machines in more than 30 Tanger locations across the U.S with High Street’s best-selling CBD products.

So how does this work exactly? In order to bring consumers to the two vending machines, GGII and High Street plan to use advertising campaigns to target their customers. Consumers who Google CBD, hemp cigarettes or smokables may see an ad promoting the machines at a Tanger’s location near them. Both vending machines will have their own IP address meaning that the Google search will identify the vending machine as “open”.

“High Street CBD and HempBox-GGII are excited about the unique benefits offered by the joint vending machine venture, which solves two of the most significant problems regarding CBD sales and purchases,” explained GGII chief executive Sandro Piancone. “First, each vending machine will feature multiple video screens. The first, atop the machine, will offer educational videos highlighting the difference between CBD and THC and the benefits of CBD. Second, the vending machines stop the theft problem from consumers and employees in all retail establishments”” (Vending Market Watch).  Just like in many other states across the US, “In Ohio, there are still many who need to know the difference between THC and CBD, psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis, and how these non-psychoactive cannabinoids interact with the body’s internal self-regulatory system, the endogenous cannabinoid system and the multiple receptor sites within us” ( Vending Market Watch).

So what are your thoughts on CBD vending machines? Would you use one? We would love to hear from you.

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