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Love to eat? Love cannabis? Love to binge Netflix? Cool, us too.  Here is a weekend Netflix recommendation for you.

Click the search bar and type in “Cooked with Cannabis” and get ready to be mind blown. Cooked with Cannabis is “a competitive cooking show where three chefs make cannabis infused meals for a chance to win $10,000. Co-hosts Kelis and Leather Storrs judge the contestants with the assistance of their “best buds” who are guests on the show” (imbd).  ” Chefs compete to get the hosts and special guests high on elevated cannabis cuisine with their use of leafy herb, THC infusions and CBD sauces” (imbd).

A few of the “best buds” aka special guests you will see throughout season one are Michael Rappaport, Jo Koy, Elle King, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Flula Borg, Sabrina Jaleels, Bria Vinaite, Amanda Seales and more.  Some of you may have already watched it. This show first aired on April 20, 2020. Ha, that’s awesome. Not only on the celebration of 4/20, which is great marketing and advertising for a new show, but if I remember correctly, we were all in quarantine with nothing better to do at the time.

I’m sure all of us could use a little inspiration when it comes to cooking in general, but to add a little cannabis to the menu is always fun. If you are looking for a few ideas of what you may want to cook, here are the episode topics below:

Episode one: Grilled backyard BBQ

Episode two: Global eats

Episode three: I Do Cannabis

Episode four: Futurist Food

Episode five: High Holidays

Episode six: Comfort food to High cuisine


We would love to know what you thought of this cooking show? Any recipies have you excited to go grocery shopping and head right back to the kitchen? If you made any of the recipies from the show, we would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know how it went.

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