Get Outdoors at Sycamore Grove Park

Did you know we should all be spending at least 20 minutes outside, in the fresh air, every single day?

There is truly no better cure for our mind and body than fresh air, sunshine and exercise. It’s free, easy, and single-handedly one of the most beneficial things we can do for our overall wellbeing and health.

If getting outdoors and/ or being more active was one of your 2024 goals/resolutions, we have the perfect place for you.

Stop scrolling on your phone/laptop, grab your sneakers and get outside!


Sycamore Grove Park is an absolute breathtaking experience right here in Livermore. Come and explore the beauty of south Livermore by walking, running, hiking or biking through the 847-acre open space park.

The park is open seven (7) days a week from 7:00 a.m. to sunset daily. There is a $5 daily parking fee if you choose to park in the parking lot. For frequent park visitors, there is the option to purchase an annual parking pass.


Sycamore Grove Park is partially reopened after the recent storms as of Tuesday 1/24/2023.

All trails in Upper Sycamore Grove Park and on the north side of Arroyo del Valle Creek remain closed.

The Wetmore parking lot is open, and the pedestrian gate at the Arroyo road entrance is accessible, but the Arroyo Road parking lot is closed until further notice.

Open Trails

  • Arroyo Del Valle Regional Trail (paved path except between Walnut and Kingfisher Crossing)
  • Winery Loop Trail
  • Olivina Crossing (South of Paved Path)
  • Kingfisher Crossing (South of Paved Path)
  • Walnut Trail

Closed Trails

  • Upper Sycamore Grove (Includes Wagon Road Loop, Cattail Pond Loop, Valley View Loop, Meadowlark Loop, Quail Run Trail, and Harrier Trail)
  • Kingfisher Crossing (North of Paved Path)
  • Olivina Crossing (North of Paved Path)
  • Magpie Nature Loop
  • Dry Creek Trail
  • Creek Trail
  • Nature Area
  • Sycamore Trail

Click  here for a list of updated East Bay Regional Park closures.


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