Health & Wellness Tips For Life

With the new year right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about ways we can treat our bodies better, lifelong.

If new years resolutions/ goals are your thing, that’s great, do you! If you are wanting to make lifelong healthy choices, we support that too.

Either way, it is time we start treating our bodies the way they deserve.

Dr. James DiNicolantonio

We recently found Dr. James DiNicolantonio on Instagram @drjamesdinic and wanted to share one of his recent posts with you.

If you don’t follow him already, make sure to check out his page! He shares great insights daily.

Thanks to Dr. James for sharing this information with us!

Healthy Habits to Follow Daily

1. Drink electrolyte water. Hydrate first thing in the morning with salt, water, and electrolytes.

2. Have a high protein breakfast . This will reduce your hunger during the day.

3. Stop snacking.

4. Stay hydrated. Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. ( Ex: 200 lb person, drink 100 0z. ) per day.

5. Focus less on eating ” the perfect diet”. Focus more on protein and portion control.

6. Stop eating at 80% ful. This will help with bloating, energy and weight loss.

7. Lift weights for 45 mins 3-5/week.

8. Walk 30-60 minutes every day

9. Eat mostly whole nutritious foods 80-90% if the time. Eat the foods you like 10-20%.

10. Coffee can supress appetite.

11. Do cardio 3x/week and high intensity interval training 3x/week. Itensity interval 3x/week.
This could be a mile jog followed by sprints.

12. Eliminate junk food from your house. Don’t even give yourself the opporunity to eat bad.

13. Eat slower. This has been found to reduce calorie intake by 20%.

14. The best pre-workout is salt and electrolyte water. If you want to have a good workout you need to be hydrated.

15. Being sleep deprived has been found to increase caloric intake the next day by 440 calories. Prioritize your sleep if you want effortless weight loss.

16. Magnesium, inositol and glycine are some of the best supplements you can take for sleep.

17. A lack of protein is the main reason why you are overreating and constantly hungry. Make sure you have 30-50 grams of protein each meal.

18 Eat 1-1.25g of protein per pound of lean body weight. This will help with hunger and weight loss.

19. Find exercises you enjoy! The only way you will be consistent with your workout routine is if you actually enjoy doing it.

20. You must commit to working out on a daily basis. It needs to be viewed as a lifelong lifestyle. Not something you do as a punishment for eating bad.


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