Master Tonic with Black Garlic 16oz


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Organic Ingredients: Turmeric root, ginger root, horseradish root, black garlic, fresh oregano, white onion, jalapeno pepper, apple cider vinegar

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Master Tonic has deep roots in history being used since 5000 BC. Rumored to have been used during Medieval Europe, and to kill the plague, this tonic is probably the most powerful on the market still today. We added in black garlic to make it even more potent. Black garlic has twice as many antioxidants as white garlic and when combined with turmeric root, ginger root, horseradish root, fresh oregano, white onion, jalapeno pepper, nothing can stand in its way.

These organic ingredients are washed, chopped, and infused in apple cider vinegar for two weeks, stored in the dark and shaken daily. We have been making varieties of this tonic for over 10 years now and it has helped so many people when they are sick. Its antiviral, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties can be used for almost any sickness. Our batches during covid sold out every week as it helped kill the virus quickly.

We recommend taking a half an ounce daily for a week to boost your immune system. If you feel like you’re getting sick or are already sick, take an ounce 3-5 times a day. Its safe to take more and is safe for children. We also recommend mixing it with water as taking it straight can be too spicy for some people. Then again some people like to take it straight up in a shot glass to get its ultimate powers.

How does it taste? Not very good to most people. Some people don’t mine it and some people like it. But not all medicine is supposed to taste good. All of these organic ingredients are from earth, for us to enjoy, heal, and benefit in every way possible.

*Not made with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

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1 review for Master Tonic with Black Garlic 16oz

  1. jeffduncan5

    This stuff is incredible! I had a cold. Drank 4 ounces throughout the day and I was fine the next day. Super potent taste but worth it!

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