Recreational Marijuana in New Jersey


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Following 4/20, the very popular cannabis holiday, 4/21/2022 is now another special day for cannabis users in New Jersey. Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey residents and visitors of age 21 years and up are now able to shop and purchase recreational cannabis and cannabis products at 13 dispensaries across the state. These 13 locations have been serving medical patients but can now open their doors to the public. 13 dispensaries across the entire state is not very many,  but I’m sure more will pop up in time.

With Thursday being a big opening day, you can expect there to be lots of lines. “We expect 13 locations for the entire state will make for extremely busy stores,” said Jeff Brown, executive director of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. “The dispensaries have assured us that they are ready to meet the demand without disrupting patient access, and with minimal impact on the surrounding communities, but patience will be key to a good opening day” ( NJ Gov). Many locations had lines forming outside at the wee hours of the morning and were ready to treat their customers to a yummy donut while they waited. Some of these locations did require an appointment and had walk-ups available too.

Medical marijuana users did not have to wait in the lines and could go in as needed. “Dispensaries are required to put patient access policies in place so that registrants in New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program do not have to wait on long lines or risk not getting their medicine. Facilities are expected to implement special lines or hours, online ordering, curbside pick-up, or home delivery to ensure patient access is uninterrupted” (NJ GOV).

In New Jersey, recreational cannabis customers are able to buy up to 1 ounce of flower or up to 5 grams of concentrates, resins, or oils, and/ or 10 100mg packages of ingestible items in a single transaction. “The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission establishes and enforces the rules and regulations governing the licensing, cultivation, testing, selling, and purchasing of cannabis in the state” (NJ GOV).

For more information regarding cannabis in New Jersey, click here. 

We are excited for New Jersey and cannot wait to see what is to come for them.

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