Shark Tank Gummies

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I’m sure you have heard of the hit television show, “ Shark Tank“.  Lately, there are a lot of scams floating around the internet for ” Shark Tank Gummies”.  Pictures of CBD gummies are edited to look like said company appeared on “Shark Tank” and are a legitimate CBD business. CBD users then buy and receive a product much different than what they were expecting. When in reality, no company manufacturing CBD products has actually stood in front of the Sharks (Kirkland Reporter). A company that was recently portrayed as ” Shark Tank Gummies” was created by two well known television talk show hosts and is not a scam.

Welcome to the CBD industry, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. The two made headlines everywhere after they announced in early 2021 they had been working on a project for years called Smilz CBD. Dr Oz stated, “Most people have now heard of cannabinoid oil, commonly known as CBD. However, not everyone knows how it works. Some older men and women see CBD as having the hallucinogenic effects like ‘pot’ or ‘weed.’ This causes a negative stigma. CBD actually has no THC whatsoever, which means there are absolutely no hallucinogenic effects. It is completely different. But there was still a problem with the CBD on the market. Although current companies have been selling CBD, the type of CBD is not potent enough to have real, life-changing results. Dr. Phil and I hired a team of 10 well-regarded doctors and scientists to find a solution to this problem. And what they found was 10x better than we ever imagined ” (Cambrian Swap).

After Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz made their announcement they received calls from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson who immediately offered to buy out their latest technology. Dr. Phil responded to this news by saying, “Dr. Oz and I plan to provide every older man and woman in America with our product, so that they can live a better life without the use of harmful drugs that are peddled to the population. If that comes at the fall of a big name pharmaceutical company, so be it” ( Cambrian Swap).

Surprisingly, Smilz CBD sold out within fifteen minutes of their initial online launch and it appears the country cannot get enough of the benefits and results the Doctors have to offer. They currently are selling CBD oil, edibles, coffee, capsules and tinctures. Users can shop by strength of mg (100-1000 mg) , full spectrum, broad spectrum cbd isolate or delta-8. Smilz CBD has been found to help reduce chronic pain, support joint health, reduce anxiety, reduce blood sugar, support cognitive health and antioxidant support.

Back in 2019, Dr. Oz gifted his studio audience with free Smilz CBD products along with sending celebrities free samples. Since then, Smilz CBD has gained a large following with many users being repeat buyers. Many Smilz CBD users are standing behind the product and voicing to the world that the company is in fact not a “Shark Tank Gummies” kind of company. This is just a gentle reminder to always buy from a reputable source to be sure the CBD products you are consuming are safe and the real deal.

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