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Wedding cake was recently trending on Tik Tok, but it’s not exactly the wedding cake you are thinking. If you’re looking for a blog post talking about the Wedding Cake strain, this is not it. That one can come another time. This wedding cake blog post is just a funny story we came across on the ol’ internet web.

Apparently, a man in Chile recently baked his sister’s wedding cake with marijuana and served it to the wedding guests. Let’s just say, he sure did make it a night to remember.

Alvaro Rodriguez, 29, spiked one of the seven tiers of his sister’s wedding cake with marijuana. Marijuana is decriminalized but still illegal to produce and sell in Chile. Alvaro Rodriguez then recoreded a video of the newlyweds cutting into the cake right before 20 out of 100 wedding guests tore it up on the dance floor. His video recently had 13 million plus views on Tik Tok which then led him to make headlines in the cannabis world.

“It was good fun,” Alvaro told Jam Press. “The funniest reaction was my aunt. I remember her back hurt, and two hours after eating cake, her pain disappeared and she was up dancing like a teenager.” Alvaro said that “everyone was made aware” that the cake had “magical” powers and was not given to underage guests.“Everyone was made aware of it, and after the cake was cut, we made sure it was kept apart from the others and served only to adults,” he noted. The bride even asked him for the special cake after having a happy experience with “magical brownies.” “Me and my sister had already tried magical brownies and the effect was very funny, so when she asked to have a bit for her wedding I didn’t think twice,” he said. While constructing the entire six-layer cake took 20 hours to complete, the “magical” layer took just two hours and “was pretty easy,” Alvaro said. “I just infused it with the butter from the day before, and once the brownie set, I put it with the other levels with chocolate ganache, and voila,” he explained ( NY Post).

To see more on this funny story, click here or head on over to Tik Tok to see if for yourself!

What are your thoughts? Funny? Not funny? Did it make for a night to remember? The wedding of the year? Depends who you ask, I’m sure. I’m honestly surprised Alvaro made that beautiful 7 tier cake.

Regardless, just a little funny story for your Friday. If you have any funny stories, send them our way.

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